In a court of law, a person swears to tell a truthful version of every single thing they witnessed. Does that same standard apply to us as we share the truth about Jesus with others? Let’s take a look.

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I grew up with a comprehensive understanding of the gospel. It was a fleshed-out version of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, including who God is, who Jesus is—His death, burial, and resurrection, and how we can become a child of God by recognizing our sin and placing our trust in Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life.

Sharing the gospel was done through activities like door-to-door witnessing, handing out tracts, and approaching unbelievers so you could explain the gospel in its entirety.

None of it felt authentic, and consequently none if it happened very often. Not in my life, and not in the lives of the vast majority of believers I grew up with.

I remember awkward experiences of sharing the gospel as part of a community outreach program in Bible college. I remember mustering up the courage to tell a good friend about my faith in Jesus, and then promising never to bring it up again unless she wanted to hear more (as if it was offensive!). And I remember a beautiful experience of sharing the gospel with a military man on a 9-hour flight from Europe to the United States. He was primed and ready to trust in Jesus, and did so 30,000 feet above the ocean.

But those experiences were few and far between.

Until the last year or so.

Since then, I’ve realized that planting seeds of God’s truth—even when I don’t have the opportunity to share the whole gospel—is biblical and powerful. I’ve shared nuggets of Jesus’ truth and love with over a dozen people. It’s becoming a natural way I interact with others, and I’ve shed some of my previous misconceptions.

My Misconceptions about Sharing Jesus

  1. The Whole Enchilada. If you’re going to reach out to someone spiritually, make sure you share absolutely everything they need to know to place their trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  2. Memorize Your Plan. Pick a way to share the gospel, and commit it to memory. That way, when you have an opportunity, you won’t freeze up – you’ll be able to recite the whole thing from start to finish.
  3. It’s Never Natural. Just accept the fact that people don’t really want to hear the gospel, press through, and share it anyway.

 The Truth about Sharing Jesus

  1. Plant Seeds. There are limitless words, phrases, and verses you can share that are relevant to the conversations you’re having with people. It may be as simple as, “I just want you to know how much Jesus loves you.”
  2. Know Key Scriptures. Be able to quote or paraphrase a handful of gospel-focused verses. That way, if the conversation progresses and the person wants to begin a relationship with Jesus, you can guide them biblically.
  3. Genuinely Love People. Wherever you are, see people with Jesus’ eyes and love them with His compassion. Initiate conversations, listen beneath the surface of their words, and listen to the Lord’s whispered words and Scriptures to share with them. 

Jesus told us to make disciples. Think about it – that’s rarely done by just one individual. Paul planted seeds, Apollos watered them, and God made them grow. God uses the body of Christ to share the gospel and disciple people. As leaders, let’s lead the way in loving people and planting gospel seeds everywhere we go.


In the Comment Section below, describe a recent “seed planting” experience you’ve had, and/or a misconception you’ve had about sharing Jesus with others.

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  1. On a road trip a few months ago, we stopped at a truck stop for fuel & a break. As we entered the store I heard an employee say, “Good morning!” Somehow, as I walked by her we seemed to lock eyes in a glance and right away I had that “nudge” to ask her if I could pray for her. A few minutes later I approached the counter and told her we’d be driving all day and asked if there was anything I could be praying for her. “Everything!” she exclaimed. “Everything!!!” Taking note of her nametag, I lifted her up in my prayers to the One who knew Everything about her….and the burdens she carried.
    Thanks for your encouraging message….loving people and scattering Seeds!

  2. Thank you for the freedom you remind us of through this blog post, Lisa! The ideas of planting seeds and genuinely loving people make me want to act rather than shrink back, also. Inspired by these concepts, I recently dropped off some cookies for the night shift at our local convenience store, letting them know I appreciate their down-to-earth staff. I also invited a few acquaintances out for coffee to hopefully build new friendships. I pray these were good seeds planted – we’ll see what happens! Onward & upward we go together – thank you so much, Lisa.

  3. Lisa you are so correct. People are not so much interested in theory about things, but everybody is ready to be loved. So I think that “love them first” is the key element in evangelizing someone. Without love the evangelization is just an unsuccessful and tiring work to do with no result that matters for God’s Kingdom.

  4. This idea of spreading seeds has resonated with me too! Not that long ago my husband and I were selling nesting boxes for chickens, since we no longer needed them due to not having chickens anymore. We posted it on Craig’s list and someone was coming to buy them. In my spirit, I felt like we should just give it to the person! So I mentioned it to my husband and he agreed to that. When the woman came to pick up the nesting boxes, she appeared to be a little rough around the edges. She was so excited to be able to take these boxes home with her for her chickens so she could have fresh eggs! She had cash in hand and proceeded to hand it to my husband. He looked at me and so I said, “We would like to bless you with these nesting boxes.” She got very emotional and said no at first and then said, “No one has ever done anything like this for me before.” She then proceeded to say that the money she was planning to give us the for the boxes was her grocery money for the next week. The woman left with the boxes on the back of her beat-up pick-up truck with a big smile on her face. But the real blessing was left with us because she saw a little glimmer of how much Jesus loves her.

  5. When doing random acts of kindness, I have been encouraged recently to say something like, “God wanted me to give this to you (or do this for you, etc.) because he cares about you.” (Instead of “Pass a kindness along to someone else,” as I used to say.) No matter how insignificant we feel our words are, we are planting seeds, and God will see that someone waters them, and helps them to grow.